I am the owner and operator of Dan's Caretaker Service and Property Management. Having been in the business of property maintenance for over 30 years and dealing with most well known contractors in the Hudson Valley NY area, I can say without hesitation that Billy Watson is, without a doubt, the most reliable and dependable contractor I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Mr. Watson has always given me and my customers the best service and best prices. He is the most dependable, honest contractor I could recommend to anyone for all your property needs. From lawn care to large excavation projects and everything in between, he is the one man to call to get the job done right.

Dan O'Connor

I have known Billy for over 15 years.  He has done many projects on my 10 acre property which included the expansion of a pond, creation and maintenance of ATV trails, installation of fences around garden planters, removal of trees, building a new porch, and removal of an old deck.  Billy is a friendly, honest, and responsible person who gets the work done on time and on budget.  It’s hard to find highly qualified people that we can trust, and we are so lucky to have found Billy. I highly recommend Billy without any hesitation.

James L.

During the past six years that WIlliam Watson has worked for us I can tell you that he is a pleasure to deal with and accommodates any request I might have. He is certainly efficient and (what I consider to be the most important factor), he is dependable! When William says he will be there, he's there! What more could you ask for?

Mrs. Lorraine Baker, New Paltz

We have relied on Billy for snow plowing, fence building and a variety of yard work and planting for several years. Billy built a fantastic adirondack style gate for our front entrance. Billy has always been reliable, creative and a pleasure to work .

Laurence Faulkner

We have been working with William Watson for many years. His services have always been exceptional, consistently displaying professionalism on every job. He always goes above and beyond. We highly recommend him.

Ally Pomatico

It has been my goal to restore and transform a five-acre property to create an interesting parklike garden. In William Watson I found the right person to bring my vision to reality. For the past two years, William has helped to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of this land through his professional expertise. It is a pleasure to work with him.

M.C. Ihmels